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I recently bought a 2014 Versa Manual Transmission just a week ago, it now has 1100 miles on it.

Yesterday I was at a stop light and I plugged in my phone to my USB car cup charger. When I went to take off I stalled the engine. I put the car back and neutral turned off, and started again. When trying to take off at the light this time the car was running rough jumping and stalling in every gear i tried. I barely made it off the road and out of traffic. I turned off the car and restarted and tried again but the same issue, then I remeberd my phone and I unlugged the charger and tried the car again. Unplugging my phone from charging seemed to be the only thing that made this go away.

Today it drove fine with no issues.

What caused this? Did somehow my battery drain and cause this rough driving while it was low?

Would be have driven it in that condition damage anything to my engine?

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