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I figured that I would post my findings on this since most of the articles that I've seen are for the regular Versas and I think that there's some wiring differences.

First off, it seems like the Note is already wired for the controls, at least it looks that way. There are 5/8 wires already in the harness. Now, unlike the regular versa, you need to take down the entire lower dash to get into the 2014 Note. Once down there, you'll see two plugs, one grey and one yellow. The one that you want to work with is the grey one, M30. I think that something might be up with the FSM because the colors are just wrong on mine. The FSM lists the colors as light green, red, and blue. Actually, the ground is a light aqua with grey stripes, and pin 24 is, I think, dark blue.

I'm still trying to find the second steering switch pin. When I stick the black wire, which is I think 31, the resistance jumps around but doesn't settle on anything. That kind of makes me think that something might be up but it won't work when I try to program the controls for my stereo.

Anyone have any experience with this? I'd like to have all the controls working on my steering wheel if possible.
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