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2014 Versa Note Transmission Problems

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Just went to dealer with 2014 Versa they say we need a new transmission. $7000 canadian dollars. Car over revs sometimes.
They say trans prob. Anyone have this prob? Anything we can do? The car still works great have to part with it.
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If CVT trans and you look, you will find countless other Nissans with the same or similar problem. It is often normal to change CVT transmissions on Nissans before you do the spark plugs.
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Just ridiculous what junk Nissan CVT can be. Wondering how much impact on more expensive BMW models that made the mistake of using Nissan Jatco CVT in some of theirs. They are likely not real happy about it.
The word is that both Honda and Toyota do CVT quite a bit better than Nissan. I for one cannot say.

I have two Ford Focus and both are the normal 4 speed ATX before Ford went stupid to go to the DSP6 trans that has given them enough grief to match Nissan and CVT. My Versa is also the 4 speed ATX. All of those will run forever if you just change the fluid once in a while. Got over 200K miles on each Ford and 120 on the Versa and all run fine. Of course you don't get that last 10% mileage because they are not the latest design but at $5K to change trans ahead of time that mileage gain is largely something that does not exist when you put it next to a car that keeps on running forever, that is where true savings lie.
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