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2014 Versa Note Transmission Problems

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Just went to dealer with 2014 Versa they say we need a new transmission. $7000 canadian dollars. Car over revs sometimes.
They say trans prob. Anyone have this prob? Anything we can do? The car still works great have to part with it.
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Just get a 5-speed manual, and never have to deal with this nosense again.
Yes, I like my 5-speed manual transmission. I'm the Transmission Control Module!!
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Not to derail the thread, but who makes a dependable economy car with a good automatic transmission??
I drive a stick but this is the wife’s car, better keep the auto for her..I would never buy a automatic for myself!
Yes... eventually, my girlfriend is going to need a new (automatic transmission) car. I tried to teach her to drive stick, but it was a lost cause.
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