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2014 Versa oil leak mystery

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I own a 2014 Nissan Versa CVT SV with 88,000. Today I noticed oil drops on the driveway. I looked underneath and along bottom front straight across was some oil, especially left side lower front of engine. But, the mystery is I had an oil change 3 1/2 weeks ago at one of those quick change places and before that I did not notice any oil spots on the driveway. So, I am going to take it back to the oil change place to see if they tighten everything correctly. I am also thinking maybe it was caused from an oil spillage when the did the oil change. If none of that is the cause, any idea where the Versa could leak oil? A gasket or seal? I did check the oil pan plug, looks fine, ans oil filter looks fine. That is why I wonder if they accidentally spill oil up front. Any information appreciated. If I rule out the oil change part, I plan to take it to my mechanic to see the cause.
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Are you looking for a DIY option??
There are plenty of oil leak dye kits out there. You add the dye to your oil, drive a while, then use a UV light to find the leak.
What you might want to do is place a piece of cardboard underneath the car and see if there really is a leak, or whether it might have been a result of the oil change you mentioned.
This is a good idea... If I may expand upon it, use white cardboard (or tape white paper on top of the cardboard) so you can tell the color of the fluid that drips. Just to make sure it isn't coolant or CVT transmission fluid.
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