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Update: I managed to find the entire ePower tail light assembly brand new, along with socket assembly and bulbs. For those interested, part number is 26555-5WK0A for the left and 26550-5WK0A for the right. I them from Genuine Note E12 OEM parts supplied from Japan - Nengun Performance for $160 each, however that doesn't include the $70ish for shipping / handling -- in total I spent $400, and they should be plug n play if I did my research correctly. Will post pictures once they come in and get installed.

Oh, and as far as headlights go I found part numbers for the black projector housings used on the 2015 Note Nismo that WILL fit my car (26060-5VA0A for left, 26010-5VA0A for right) -- can buy both brand new on the same website.... however they'll be like $800 a piece if you want them brand new. Headlights below

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Posted some of these on another thread earlier -- but in case anyone ever runs across this one figured I should include my own pictures! Things to note: it's plug-n-play; the easiest install you could ask for. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, you need the ePower wiring harness because the stock one will NOT work; these new taillights have four bulbs (stock have three), the blinker is the same bulb, reverse bulb is different, and I'm not sure about the brake light and normal tail light.

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Hi , where do you get the front and rear bumpers
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