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So I’ve got a 2015 Versa with 191k miles on it and the transmission, according to the guy at the transmission shop, “was toast”

They installed a remanufactured transmission and they tell me it’s got the same code as when I brought it in (I didn’t get the code) but he’s telling me it’s potentially wiring or the computer. I thought from everything I had heard and read this was a reputable shop, now I’m getting concerned I won’t get my car back in a running manner, it’s been in the shop for 3 weeks.

how hard is it to figure out the issue once you know what the code is? I’m thinking about taking it to another shop, but truthfully don’t have a lot more to invest in this endeavor.
Anyone have any ideas? Suggestions? How much would wiring issues or a computer be to fix? Probably too broad to tell.

Thanks, I’m new here this is my first post but I read a lot.

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