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2015 Versa S and new to forum

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hey how you doing everyone I'm also new to this forum. i just purchase the 2015 versa s plus and i also have a 2012 versa sl sedan. on the sl sedan i installed a pioneer avhx4600bt double din. i know you can use the same brackets that's in the 2012 versa but i have a question i tried to install the same pioneer double din in the 2015 versa and the radio is wider i have like a .25 inch of space between the left and right side of the radio does any one know if there is a bracket for the 2015 versa's for a double din i have looked online but since the vehicle is still new i don't know if there's one out yet.

just wanted to know if anyone had any ideas if there was a bracket for the double din radios in the 2015 versa models

also i realized that the s model versa doesn't come with a water temp gauge what alternatives other than tapping into the coolant system is there out there for this?

any info will be greatly appreciated
Thank you

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Welcome to the forums.
Alternative to water temp gauge, get a ScanGage II device that plugs into the OBDII port. You'll have to Google it for prices in Fla.
thanks for the info 08versailles ill look into it. kts kinda hard trying to find info on the 2015 versa s since it basically new hopefully there start putting things up for it soon.

ima be posting pictures of audio system install on 2015 versa soon waiting for parts to come in. and see if i can get my hands on the scangage II
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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