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Looking for info on swapping out a 2016 SR Factory HU to 2016 SR Factory HU with Nav.

Here is what I have:

Here is what I want:

Here are my questions:
  • I already have bluetooth streaming with the 16 SR. There should be no need to change the bluetooth module?
  • What all do I need to swap out the harnesses?
  • Will Nissan Apps work with the new radio?
  • Is the audio quality any different between the STD and NAV units?
Looking at photos of the rear of both the units:

It looks like they only have 1 plug in common, besides the XM antenna.

I guess I'm trying to figure if the project is worth it. I've read through a few threads on swapping out the radio on S/S+ but I dont think I've seen one on swapping out these particular models, plus 16 having BT streaming already....
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