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Mic power

I didn't realize when I ordered the Add Subwoofer harness, that I didn't need it for the Mid Audio to Display Color Audio upgrade. There is no change in the 20 pin harness between the two. But I would like to add a sub in the near future.

I have added 3 more jumpers to the PAC BT-SWC-NI1. I noticed more wires in that harness to the External Bluetooth Module that will be unused by the Display Color Audio head unit. So why not create more jumpers to forward the MIC signals to the head unit. On the Axxess Add a Camera harness, I've moved the corresponding pins from the rear Bluetooth harness to the correct MIC Input pin positions on the head unit.
I have a Nissan accessory satellite radio antenna I found on eBay. Has the correct Pink connector for the Display Color head unit.
I separated the AUX input wires off the 32 pin Axxess wire harness and routed to the 8 pin connector. I have the pick tools to release the locking tabs on the pins and pull them out of the 32 and push them into the 8.

It's 1am and I'm stopping for the night. Will begin install into the car tomorrow. I still have the Reverse input to run to the head unit for camera. I also want to change the switched +12V from the ignition to the Accessory Relay-2, so the head unit stays on until the door is opened. Yeah, not necessary but I want too.
Hi Versa15, on the PAC PAC BT-SWC-NI1, what Pins did you jump to get power the MIC Power? I believe the Mic power is PIN 29, what did you jump it with?

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