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Last Month I installed a New Radio + Sub System in my 2017 Nissan Versa S (Base Model) and everything was okay for a couple weeks, but after this recent heatwave, the other week I turned on my car and my headlights came on without having to use the switch on the stick. I can still turn on my dash leds if i use the switch like i would turn on my headlights, but there arent any leds that come on behind the temperature and ac control knobs, but the AC button light still works when pressed. I had my buddy check to see if my break lights and all blinkers worked and they were all on and okay. I didnt know until last night when an officer pulled me over and told me my tail lights weren't working. I cant seem to get those to come on. The wiring for my subs didnt interfere with any fuses and the power wire came with a fuse on it which went directly to the amp.

Does anyone have any ideas for what it could be?

And does anyone know which fuse to check? I looked at the wiring diagram and I cant really make heads or tails of it as most of the fuses are for upper models of the car.

Thank you
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