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I have about 60,000 miles on my 2017 Versa Note CVT and I think it's overdue for a transmission fluid change. I usually do all my maintenance myself, oil changes, brakes, etc, but this is my first time for transmission fluid on this car. Dealer quoted $260 for just a single change, no filter, no flush so I would like to do it myself.

There is no dipstick and I can't find a service manual for 2017 only 2016. From what I can tell I need to use NS3, but since my car is out of warranty I might use idemitsu N3 because it's a bit cheaper. I know a plug underneath the transmission and a inner plug that needs a hex key. The service manual says I need a special pump to refill through the drain hole (seems kinda stupid) but I've seen some YouTube videos for older versas where they removed the battery and tray and there was a small fill port with a cap on it on the right side of the trans.

Has anyone change the trans fluid on a 2017? Were you able to find the fill port and remove the cap? I don't know if I will be able to acquire the pump they use so I want to know if I can use this port.
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