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2022 Versa Android Auto Problems

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Hey everyone!

I have a 2022 Versa and I am having some pretty bad issues with Android Auto. I have tried it with multiple different phones and even factory resets as well but what happens is it starts "skipping" or sounds like it, the sound keeps cutting in and out multiple times a second and the head unit becomes very very slow to touch responses and unusable.

Anyone else have these kind of issues or know of any solutions?
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Search this forum. It seems like folks with the latest generation of Versa starting 2020 complained about mobile connection problems. I do not remember was it about Android, Apple, or both platforms.
Or the latest gen of phone with the latest updates applied. I've had my S22 working fine with both Torque and CVTZ50 and then phone gets updated and now cannot pair for more than a few seconds before the phone drops the pairing or it gets erratic. Worked fine before. Other people on the web complaining about same thing.
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The infotainment system may need a software update.
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