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2nd gen full led swap

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I've done my own full led swaps on my other cars I'm currently putting together a kit for my 2014 versa out of the proven LEDs that I've had running in my 350z for over 4 years about 60k miles.

would anyone be interested in these ?
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Since there are a lot of LED lights out there of varying quality, intensity and cost, yes it would be nice if you can share your experience with others. I for one would be interested.
Yes interested, more interior lights than headlights for me.
The only outside lights I have are rear plate lights I put them on every car at my house really cleans it up at night.
I have a 2014 base 5 speed sedan versa so some of you may have more lights then me I will so more research on it.
I only really do super white cause blue besides being illegal dosent help you see. I made custom blue 100 led map lights for my 350z looked cool outside but was crap for seeing and reading things
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So the full kit is ready for 2nd gen versa sedans includes dome light trunk light and plate lights.
Love the trunk light I can see everything now.
Sweet man, I have also swapped out most of my lights minus the turns and parking with leds. If you havent tried heliosoptix cree led headlights you should give em a shot. They are amazingly bright! A little expensive but worth it. I have them in my montero but not the versa..I gotta save up lol. Are you kits cree leds? If so I would totally be interested.
Thanks man
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