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2nd Gen V/Note Bridgestone Ecopia EP422

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I recently did the 10K service and measured my tires. On all four tires, the center ribs are at 8/32nds and the outer/inner ribs are at 7/32nds. At this rate I'm be through the OEM tires in less than 30K, color me unimpressed. For what it is, it's not a bad tire but the wear on it is terrible. I check tire pressure on a regular basis and have always run 36 all around. The car sees a magority of highway miles. From the wear it looks like even more pressure could be run.

I have a BIL who burned thru a seat of Juke tires in 22K, but he does drive hard. I hoping it's not that bad for us.
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That is quite disappointing for an OEM product considering it is supposed to be a 65,000 mile rated tire. The Ecopia EP422 are billed as excellent for fuel economy so I thought they are hard, long wearing tires. Apparently not.

Interesting that your tires are evenly worn. Did you do a 5K rotate by any chance? Front tires on FWD cars typically wear way faster that the rears.
Jas32, Yeah, that's what I thought, too.

You have probably have guessed I'm and engineer from previous posts. I did a 6K rotation, since I dumped the factory fill at 1K. So, I held the first rotation til the 2nd oil change. Fronts (going to rear) where 8/32nds and Rears (going to front) where 9/32nds (as expected). This was when I first noticed the wear and went back and double checked my gauge since it seemed so high.

My 10K service was at 10,517 miles, so 6K before 1st rotation, then 4.5K for the next.
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