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its through nissn motor aceptance. And im real worried this is going to be a lemon....
It could be. I thought the same thing when I bought mine with 10 miles on it.

Cracked rear view mirror, bubble in one of the tires, no trunk light even though I had the package that included it, and the steering wheel would shake above 45mph. I bought the car 2 hours away so I had to somewhat fight my local dealer to get the issues resolved. For the wheel shaking I took another for a test drive and had to show them that the wheel should not shake and it didn't on another identical Versa. So, they put me in a rental car for a bit over 2 weeks while the tried to fix the problem. Ended up replacing the whole steering rack and electronic steering assist module.

*knock on wood* Everything is okay now with 10,000 miles.

But, I still think my local dealer service writers are idiots. Had my oil changed there b/c I get them free for the first year and asked for a tire rotation as well b/c they havent been rotated and should be every 5k-6k miles. They didn't do it and said it didn't need that irritated the hell out of me. Can't wait until I dont have to go back there.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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