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5 speed manual tansmission shift lever

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Took the 5 speed manual transmission out from my 2013 Versa for a clutch/slave cylinder job. The car was on 1st gear before the disassembly. The shifter lever is not in its 1st gear position any more as I moved it around while disassembled. Does any one know what is the default lever positions for first gear? Tried to read the Technical Manual but for the RS5F92R but I'm more confused now. Any help appreciated.

Side Note: I am hoping the tabs will only go back in the levers on the 1st gear position when I reassemble the transmission with the engine.
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You actually should always have trans in neutral when yanking it, can save you massive issues when you let trans fall to load weight based on the gear it is in, can break synchros and such. And neutral is commonly what you adjust linkage in once back together. Almost all shifter alignment tools do that by lining up the neutral gates.
The 1st gear position was: horizontal lever all the way moved towards the passenger side of the car and the vertical lever depressed. Got this form the technical manual. Then the tabs went in easily and everything worked after the assembly. Hooked up the battery before the assembly of wheels and air box and started the car to check if the forward reverse and neutral made the rotors rotate in the correct direction.
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