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Hello --

I'm here at the request of my mailman :)

I rebuild the VW 020 trans (the 5 speed used in all 4-cyl VW models from the 70's-90's), and my mailman asked me about dropping the freeway revs in his 2009 1.6L base model Versa.

I have no idea, so I registered here.

With the VW 020 trans, it's a fairly simple procedure, I have a page made here showing how

With the 020 trans, VW took the 4 speed from the early 70's and simply extended the shafts, hung a set of 5th gears on the ends, and covered it with a small 5th housing cover. The 5th swap can actually be done with the trans still installed in the vehicle.

Is it possible to do a 5th swap in his Nissan Versa? Did Nissan use the 5-speed in the Versa in many other models? Is there a trans code to ID the particular trans/ratios he might have now?

Thanks in advance for any info!

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