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I agree with almost all of your comments. I think the ride and handling is quite good for what the vehicle is. I think the low-speed damping is a little week, but that might also be chassis flex. I plan on adding a front strut bar when $$$ allow and see if that makes a difference.

The A/C does eat into the FE, but as you said the system works quite well.

The CVT does get better with mileage and smooths out nicely.

I'm surprised to learn there is no automatic belt tensioner, that will be something to watch as the miles pile on.

The Bluetooth system is great and easy to use.

I also think the back-up camera is quite good and with it and the size of the vehicle you can park it in a phone booth.

Agree on the stereo, I think to get more out of it you have to mount the tweeter higher on the door panel and get better speakers. But it's surprisingly decent for a stock system.

I'm also really interested to see how it performs this winter, little concerned about big windshield and being able to defrost it effectively, but we'll see.
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