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800 more miles

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till the big 300k
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In about a week?
What do you do when you reach 300k?
Plan to get a 2012 Versa?
That's awesome!!! Hope it keeps going even further!
wow that is amazing. Can't wait to see the ODO pic! I'm gonna hit 80k. I'm catching up ;). My car better last to 300k.
I work for Locksmith | 24 Hour Locksmith Service | Pop-A-Lock and use my car for work. And no new cars for me i need a break
She still running good for you I hope mine last to higher miles like that, I have a pickup with 250k but you can tell it lol.
what issues have you had with your car over the 300k? what maintenance have you done?

if we don't trade in our car for a mini van, we plan on keeping it forever :)
Thats 300,000 MILES? Wow... That is almost 483,000 KM. Which is exactly 400,000KM more than I have on mine lol.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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