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A/C not blowing cold anymore

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So my wife owns an 08 sedan versa and I replaced the battery for her. Ever since then the ac has not blown cold. The system blows air no problem and the air is able to get hot but not cold. Even driving around it didn't start blowing cold. A friend said it might be one of the relays but I can not find where any of them are since i am not familiar with the car myself. If anyone could please let me know or help me to find a solution to my problem would be greatly appreciated. August just started is the hottest time of the year for Houston TX
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its weird that it quit after replacing the battery.

desconnecting negative battery cable and wait 2min or so....
re-connect negative cable. start the car, check the AC

Try #2
Check AC Fuse [not sure where's located]
already checked fuses. i shall try disconnecting negative cable. i cannot believe this happened either. it just all got replaced back in january after we got the front in tboned. whole ac was destroyed
The a/c light come on at all? Ac compressor turning?
so the AC compressor was replaced before.

The reason why I said disconnect the battery and connect it again is because maybe the computer thinks the car is still running on low voltage.
by disconnecting the battery it will reset the computer and it will get a fresh start

back then [small story]
We have a 2007 ford taurus and the alternator was not charging the battery, the AC quit working because the alternator was not making enough amps to run the AC and other electrical functions.

do you think the AC compressor might still be under warranty?
My wife also has an 08 versa sedan and last fall the AC went. First there was hole in the hose and it drained all the fluid. Then 2 months later the compressor failed.

Check if the AC compressor get engaged if YES : the compressor may have problem or the gas is low pressure
No: harness problem or IPDM built in relay problem
with or without an accident, refrigerant could leak any where.
my evaporator was leaking. it was found after mechanic put leak detecting dye into the system. after two treatments of stop leak, so far so good. first stop leak lasted about 6 weeks. second treatment still working since mid July. if it leaks and stops again this year, wont get it fixed til next spring...or trade it when its paid for:) But the heat in TX lasts a lot longer than here! hope ya get fixed up soon
if there is low gas pressure is there any chance to make the compressor clutch not engaging??
^Yes that's exactly what happened to me, when the pressure gets too low, system doesn't start, and clutch doesn't engage.
My pressure loss is very slow, so i lost cold air first but the clutch still engaged for a few days, then eventually clutch stopped engaging when pressure was even lower.
ok this is really help me thank you my friend i will try to charge gas and check if it will solve the problem
because a few days ago there was poor cooling
The problem solved Thank you I found a leak from O ring
thank you again
My 07 versa . ac has not blown cold is blowing air on #4 only #1 2 #3 have very little air coming out.
Only one fan speed working sounds like a failed blower motor resistor.
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