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Hello peeps,

Currently I have Eibach Pro-kit springs on the Versa which reduces the wheel gap to 2 inches on front and rear. I was happy with my setup until now, I'm still happy with the ride quality and looks, don't get me wrong. I'm planning on lowering the Versa even more, reducing the wheel gap from .5 inches to full flush. I'm am debating on going for a coil-over system or a 15-way adjustable shocks to go with my current springs (to reduce waste). Price wise they're both very similar but what concerns me the most is the ride quality, as I am currently trying to retain the current quality or a slight improvement. As always, any input, experience, or thoughts are welcomed.


TL;DR: Which setup (coil-overs or 15-way adjustable shocks) will get me a .5 wheel gap and isn't too bumpy.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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