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Abs, Brake light on and speedomtere not moving.

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Has anybody heard of this happening. We bought the car about two months ago. And today my wife notice that the abs and brake on. And then notice the speedometer and odometer weren't moving. Any ideas, thanks. :thumb2:
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As far as the brake lights go check fluids and pad thickness/wear, also check electrical connections. With the speedo not working that could be a connector not connected or the speedometer gear in the transmission could have gone bad, but not likely. most of the time its electrical with that. What year is the car?
It's a 2011 all fluids look OK, tried looking at everything to see if anything was wrong, but nothing. Just came back from a test ride. And the abs and brake light was going on and off. Then the speedometer went up and down. I'll look at it tomorrow with daylight hard to see at night.
Sounds weird for a 2011 but anything can happen try checking circuits with a dmm if you have one and look at ground points checking for shorts if its electrical but also a good guess is you could be having a sensor problem there's lots of possibilities for things to be wrong for one problem
Check battery terminal connections and alternator harness.
Sounds like an ABS sensor or wheel speed sensor.

I guess you could just take it back to the dealership.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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