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ABS or NON-ABS Brake Pads?

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I am a new member. I own a 2008 Versa Hatchback CVT with 82K miles that I purchased new in 2008.

I recently went to the auto parts store to purchase front brake pads. They had two types of Versa brake pads, pads for cars with ABS (Anti-Lock Brakes) and those without ABS. My Versa has ABS so I got those brake pads. When I got home and compared them to the original pads, they would not fit. Not even close.

I returned to the store with my original brake pads and the new ones. The clerk and I compared them to the others in stock and it looks like I have non-ABS brake pads installed on my car.

I am absolutely certain I have ABS installed on my car. I can see the wires/sensors and it is on the window sticker. The ABS has even worked a couple times in the snow. Also, this was the first brake pad replacement for this Versa, they were the original pads.

Has anyone else run into this before?
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I just replaced the front brakes of my car a few months back, and my Versa does have ABS brakes, yet the "ABS" brake pads did not fit. We had to return them and the 'non-ABS' brake pads fit perfectly and were the same size as stock. Total price for the pads & rotors were roughly $125 (installed @ home).
We still used the original plates when we did my brake change this past spring.

And the parts store had two different size brake pads for the Versa. The non abs pads were what fit. Regardless if that is how they should be labelled, it's what fit. We took the original parts to the store to compare.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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