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Brake pad difference

I think the counter person you delt with is out of his mind. There is no such thing as"ABS or non-ABS" brake pads. True, pads come in a lot of different formulations. But ABS/non-ABS..... That's just silly.

And, I think the counter person just gave you the wrong ones to begin with.
I agree with your comments, sooner 4x4 and 6mt.
However, I have a question:
I had the same BS from the guy at Napa (OReilly) didnt ask ABS or Not.
Anyway, I bought from NAPA for NON ABS. They fit. Now I know it's because of the engine size and not the ABS.

This was my first time doing breaks and I didn't know what to expect. It was quite easy other than the fact that the pads I removed from my car had a set of thin plates on the outer face to clip them in (not the side brackets that are standard).
The new pads didn't have or fit the plates. Are the pads secure just being slid into place?

After much researching I believe these plates are anti squeal shims, so I guess I don't need them unless my breaks squeal?
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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