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ABS or NON-ABS Brake Pads?

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I am a new member. I own a 2008 Versa Hatchback CVT with 82K miles that I purchased new in 2008.

I recently went to the auto parts store to purchase front brake pads. They had two types of Versa brake pads, pads for cars with ABS (Anti-Lock Brakes) and those without ABS. My Versa has ABS so I got those brake pads. When I got home and compared them to the original pads, they would not fit. Not even close.

I returned to the store with my original brake pads and the new ones. The clerk and I compared them to the others in stock and it looks like I have non-ABS brake pads installed on my car.

I am absolutely certain I have ABS installed on my car. I can see the wires/sensors and it is on the window sticker. The ABS has even worked a couple times in the snow. Also, this was the first brake pad replacement for this Versa, they were the original pads.

Has anyone else run into this before?
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Might as well add my 2 cents.

I just changed the front rotors and pads out myself this past weekend. Was very easy to do.

I picked up 2 cross drilled rotors and they came with a set of aftermarket "performance" pads.

I noticed that the original OEM pads from Nissan have the low-pad-ware "squealer" on one of the notched ends, while the aftermarket has it off to one side. Well, turned out the aftermarket pads did not fit. The tabs on the ends were about 1-1.5mm too wide and would not fit into the slots/channel in the caliper housing.

So I ended up having to go to Nissan Dealership and by a set of OEM pads. I too asked about ABS vs. Non-ABS and they said they really only ever sell one part number for pads on the Versa, regardless of ABS or not. The part number they sold me was D1060-EM30C. They fit perfectly and have the warning squealer on the tab, not on the side. When you install the OEM pads you need to put the metal tab into the squeal opening when sliding in the pad. This worked no problem.

The dealer parts person did mention they have another pad type and he showed it to me. It had the squealer on the side, not on a tab. Plus the tab seemed wider.

Here is a pic, not the best picture but may help a bit. This is a pic of passenger side front. You can see the squealer tab on top of the pad, rather than off to a side.

I watched this You Tube Video to learn how to do this myself, and he shows the metal tab and putting it into the squealer opening when inserting the pad.


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