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2007 Nissan Versa Hatchback SL
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So there has been an audible noise coming from my engine. Initially, I had assumed it was gurgling noise and was coming from the coolant reservoir (mentioning this so you can understand what the noise sounds like) Upon further inspection I found it was coming from the AC Compressor. The noise occurs after I turn off the engine after using A/C - As the AC Clutch/Gear slows to a stop the noise is present.

Other than that, the A/C blows cold air, fan works and no issues so far, no noise is heard as the engine turns or when driving/idle, only when turning off - but wanted to know if this was something I needed to look into right away and have replaced?

FYI - Original owner of a 2007 Versa Hatch SL with a little over 104k miles

Any advice is appreciated.
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