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AC issues

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Anyone else have their blower motor AND compressor go bad simultaneously?
Compressor seemed fine til after I had the blower motor and resistor replaced. Mechanic claimed that freon got into belt causing compressor to slip and howl - but then it no longer worked.
AND somehow a loose bracket damaged the high pressure line as well?
I've since had all parts replaced and it's fine now, but it doesn't make sense to me.
(Had ANOTHER mechanic complete the work).
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Maybe your first mech was kinda 'helping your problem to develop', huh?

You likely got wise to change him out.

Weird things ARE possible but that explanation is a little heavy for me. Only thing likely needed there was a new clutch alone and I for one would simply use the 'bad' one over after going over it with a finetooth comb. BTDT.

My warning signals go off every time I hear the compressor has to change, doing my own work in 50 years it just never happens; and I sold plenty of compressors when I was in parts. Common to have the 'bad' one come back as a core and seemingly nothing wrong with it. I even kept a few to put on something else and not one was bad out of those, they pressured up and cooled perfectly.

The market is such now that nobody wants to do cheap fixes, they all look to do the compressor as it brings in the most buck similar to automatic transmission work now (change the whole thing). D=mn shame that people give up thousands in work not needed all the time. Both ways I've saved thousands there.
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I agree!
I was kinda looking for some confirmation that it wasn't just me. I did get all of the parts much cheaper myself than through dealerships and big box stores. The mechanic who repaired it correctly said the clutch was engaging, just not pumping.
That can be as simple as not having the clutch airgap as tight as it needs to be, then clutch tries to engage but simply skids and will not turn compressor correctly.
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Thanks...yes, that part I asked the last mechanic about.
He was fast and fair, but I do agree with the "easier to replace the whole part".
(BTW, I'm a 60 y/o female who's had more than her share of s* show car issues and mechanics! I have done and can do a lot of work myself, and I'm sure I could have done all of this myself, but some things you just need done without going through the learning time it takes!)
How do

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