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AC/water leak from new Versa

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I just bought a new versa( 2011 sedan 1.8) a few weeks ago and have been driving it around with ac running in the hot weather. I have noticed a few small puddles of water on the car tracks after I have parked the car(on the passenger side). It seems to happen only when the ac was running during the journey.

Is that usual for the other versa users here? Is it just condensation from the ac or is it a leak of some sort that needs to be fixed?

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Just to add so you or others that are new to the versa don't worry I have found that on really hot days when I run the ac I have water drip on my foot from under the dash above the gas peddle all it ever was was condensation from the ac.
Thank you for the quick and helpful replies.
Not to worry, it happens to all cars running AC. It's just condensation
it's normal! i occasionally freak out about the puddles, but then i realize i had the a/c on, lol!
Have an 07 Versa. I also had a/c condensation dripping on the carpet. Found out that the condensation drain pipe was too short! The dealer charged me $360 to fix it, by extending it.
I have a 2014 Versa and I’ve been having issues with the drain. When it rains the leaks into the car. This normally happens after 2 to 3 months and when it rains. I took the car to the dealer and they claim that it’s because of pollen and debri getting into the car. This last time I took the car to the dealer again and they claimed the front had to be removed in order to clean it out because there was leaves and particles in the car. The car doesn’t have a sunroof... what should I do? I’m tired of having to take the car every 3rd month for something a car should be able to handle...
The air should be sucked un below the wipers, not the bumper. You or a mechanic friend should be able to go in and look around as it maybe full of yard waste from rodents causing it not to drain properly.

My 95 suzuki sidekick the firewall was full of crap. I vacuumed out 2 5 gallon contains of crap and saw the water was collecting and spilling over inside the car around the ac air intake.

Plan B would be to remove the filter and attaching a smaller hose to a shop vac that will fit where the filter went and suck it out. Its likely over flowing there and spilling out onto the floor.
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