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Acceleration issue

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I drive an '08 SL with the CVT. The car has a little under 60,000 miles, but is 3 months over the 5 year mark so no powertrain warranty. The CVT warranty is still good to 120,000 of course. I just noticed the problem for the first time yesterday, but it could have been going on for awhile.

If I come to a complete stop and step on it even a little bit, the car speeds up briefly but then lags at between 5 and 10 MPH for a good 10 or 15 seconds. The engine RPMs increase, but the speed stays the same. If I shift briefly to neutral and back, it will accelerate normally. When I accelerate very gently from a complete stop, the car behaves as normal. Once it is in motion, acceleration is also normal.

I'm thinking (hoping) it's a tranny issue and will be talking to the dealer tomorrow. I really don't have the budget for car repairs at the moment. It is drivable, but I don't trust it for situations that require speedy acceleration from a stop, like making a left turn across traffic.

It has not had the 60,000 mile service, but I usually take it to the dealer for oil changes. They are supposed to do a fluid check as part of the service and they haven not notified me of any issues with the transmission fluid. Forewarned is forearmed, so I thought I would ask if anyone else has experienced this issue and what kind of experience they had with their dealer.
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Remember that the CVT does not quite work like a traditional transmission in that the engine RPM and wheel speed are not tied to each other. If the engine is not hitting the power target for a given accelleration request the CVT will bump up the engine RPM to try and get the accelleration you are looking for.

I had a similar problem when my engine started to die (DONT GET SCARED!). There was a certain large hill that I drove up each day on my commute and it got to the point that the engine would shoot up to 5K RPM and just sit there trying to give me enough to power to make it up the hill. This was just trying to maintain speed, not accellerate.
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