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Acess AC vent/duct to recover lost item :P

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after a long story, i got tweezers stuck in my ac vents...
i was trying to pull them back by using grip from screw drivers, but i lost control, and it fell inside...

any way i can get access to ducts and remove the lost item :p

would be much great, if i coulld clean the ac vent with scented liquid at the same time.
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which vent? almost all of them can be accessed, but without knowing which one i cant tell you how to do it.
centre one.

(or the 2nd one counting from left)
all you have to do is remove the radio trim and it should give you some access. Watch my video on trim removal:

*like* button...
nice car (Y)

gonna do it within a couple of days.

I found some ants crawling in the top right section of dash board...
can that section of dash be removed?
tried doing it, but im too scared to break anything....

cant open the top dash panel (step 1 :p)

the entire dash starts bending, but it doesnt get out!!!!!!!
lol im scared to break it
Update - self removed front instrumentation panel/radio trim to get access to ducts.
This was long ago, but there was no success.

Going to carry out Attempt #2, since i got a VERY strong magnet, which will also give me more accessibility.
So i will be building my own "fishing tool" to fish it out.

I wanted to know, where can the fins be found for the central ventilator duct assembly by refering to this image.
Nissan Versa Sedan Manual (Page 6 of 9)
Where do you think the fins for top ducts (Label 10) are located by referring to the image?
you can try closing all other vents, setting the fan to max, then holding a good shop vac up to the vent and pray you can suck it out LOL.
i am going to do the same, but i wont keep a vacuum. instead i'll bury the magnet :p
if the air flow stops me from pushing the magnet down, i would do it without the airflow :p

the trouble is - 1)if i open the center grill to put inside a shop vac, the cannot close the other vent in center (right center vent). Also air escapes from the foot vents, which is my main problem!

2) its hard to put a vac inside, since the duct is very small.

So may the forces of magnetic levitation be with me.
good luck. If that doesn't work then turn the car upside and shake. :D
what about this?

the place where i go for car wash has compressed air pipe outlets all over the place.
its really high speed pressurized air, and i can use as many pipes as i want (those good people let me play with it :p)..

so what if i take one pipe, and set it to high, and bury the pipe in the foot vent...
and the object come up from where it went in along with air?

or too strong air can damage/break/bend/dent the air pipes?

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Some more bad news...
this is taking a toll on me everyday...

i really want my a/c fixed, and i dont know any shops that can do it for me, seems like i will have to do it myself...

So i close all vents except the one where the object went in...
fan at 4...
i slowly keep rotating the fins with the hope the objects gets SPIT OUT!..

nothing happens..
before, i could not move the distributor to only front vents... today after some play, i suprisingly could, and i thought i fixed the problem, until the find out then when the distributor is set to throw all air from front vents, it leaks so much air from leg vents

took one video from the mobile to see what happens inside...
apparently my magnet is too big, so i have to get a smaller magnet.
i keep moving the distributor from front vents all the way to windshield in the video many times to see what happens inside the duct.

Link -
[the video appears flipped while viewing online, however it appears normal if downloaded instead]

still wondering, where can the bloody object exactly go?
any idea on how to remove this duct? i see a screw, but i dont have enough access to remove it...
if i can partially remove this duct, i can more deeper access....
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Next Attempt Results

cutting down super long story short.
worked on car for two hours...

got some magnets - however these magnets are not so strong (not neodymium magnets).
the big problem is to shove the magnet inside..

attaching it to a tie wrap doesn't allow it to go all the way inside.
Using a string does allow it to go inside, since the duct bends to the right 90 degrees...

After several different attempts, i got it deep down inside.
Some more playing around (pulling and dropping), and the tweezer got attracted to the magnet...
I pull up very slow and it drops...
Got attracted 3 times in total, and the object fell down whenever i tried to pull up...

I thought the magnet was weak, so tied two magnets together and sent them down with difficulty....
This time the object got attached to the magnet, however it fell down again...
This time it feel down somewhere else deep inside. the magnet never attracted the object again.
i removed the magnet.

As a good news - i can set the knob to fully front vents, and now out of 100% air, only 2-4% of air leaks from the foot vents...
Almost no air leaks from the foot vents or maximum 2-4% of total air comes out from foot vents....

So i can say problem solved.

Some pictures/videos attached here

If someone knows how to remove this assembly to see the fins, let me know, i will open this section more :p. As a note - it is CONFIRMED that the object is behind this black thing, so if i can open this, i can remove the object by hand.
My current guesses say that, no magnet or vacuum and remove this object, and only removing this black thing can allow the object to be removed by hand.

Concluding - the object does not affect me anymore, because i got 97% normal airflow. However if there is a way to remove it "by hand", i will still do it.
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How can I remove the AC vents on both sides in order to clean them?
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