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Adding power locks to base model

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Has anyone added power locks to their base model? I would like to, I want OEM Nissan parts though, does anyone know if they make a kit? It would be nice to be able to lock/unlock all the other doors from the driver's door. Don't want to screw my door panels so I'd like to do something like this. Suggestions would be great.

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I just ordered this power lock/keyless entry kit from A1 Electric. This will be part of my car upgrade to include a radio/speaker upgrade to a Pioneer AVIC-8201NEX Nav Unit with Focal RCX-165 speakers

EDIT: They will be professionally installed on the 13th of January. At that time, I'll report back how that worked out. Maybe in the future, I'll consider power windows for the front windows

EDIT: The install went great, I upgraded at the installers to add 2 way remote start which brought the install price with the 2 way remote start/keyless entry to $975. I also added an Alpine KLP-445U brick amp to the mix and the sound system sounds phenomenal.
1 - 1 of 45 Posts
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