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Adding Remote KeyFob to car with existing power door locks?

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I helped my daughter buy a new 2011 Superblack 1.8S Hatchback yesterday.

Although it has power locks and windows it did not come with remote. How hard is it to add the ability to lock and unlock the car with a remote?

I found something on eBay that appeared to be Nissan parts which appeared to be the key fob and a receiver module.

Is it simply a matter of plugging the module into wiring that probably already exists in the door?
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So I see Nissan has now made power locks and windows standard on the 1.8 model.... interesting. If we wanted those we had to buy the power package, which included the keyless fob. Well I can tell you where the keyless box is located. Take out the glove department, and when you look to your left, you should see a black box. If not, you are not wired for keyless entry. If you have the black box, all you need to do is purchase a remote, and I know programing instructions that will get it programed. It looks like cruise control is also something to look into, if you get the buttons. The versa has been prewired for alot of things, and I would not doubt if it is prewired for keyless and cruise. Check on this first, and get back to me.
"Take out the glove department". Is this pretty easy? I'm not a tear-it-down kind of guy, especially on a one-day old car :) . Are there instructions somewhere or is it pretty obvious what needs to be done? I haven't had to chance to look at it yet-hope to this weekend.

I looked through all the How-To threads in this forum and didn't see Glove Compartment.
It's very easy. You do this, and you could start changing your own in cabin filter. Ok, there are screws on the bottom of the glove department, and when you open it, there are screws along the top part of the glove department. Once removed, just pull on the glove box and it will come out. If you have a light for the glove department, just unplug it from the connector, and but the box aside. Now it you look to your left, between middle and the top part of the opening, you should see some type of black box. If you don't, then you don't have keyless entry prewired. I don't have the car anymore, so I can't take a pic for you. Hope this helps.
"You do this, and you could start changing your own in cabin filter."

That was good for my first chuckle of the day :)

I will give this a try when I see the car again. This being her first weekend with it I don't expect to see her again for a few days...

Thanks for your help.
Welcome Andymac! Lotsa help on NVF for removing glove box, cabin filter etc Here's one:
I think Canaan (Promiseland) has a video on YouTube on how to change the in cabin filter. I changed mine not too long ago, takes less than 10 mins.

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Hi gang, just bought a Hatchback 1.8s and like Andymac, it has power locks but NO remote. Can't stand it! I can tear anything apart and rebuild it so I'm going to get into it and will pass along instructions. I'm going to the dealer to research the parts needed and the cost. Will advise. I suspect that with power locks in place, all the wiring will also be in place. I'm figuring its a simple plug in and then program the remotes.
hey guys!

exact same situation. have the power locks but no remote. would definitely do it myself if there are some instructions or pictures available. any updates on your progress?

New member here. I just bought a used 2011 and love it but like others it did not have the remote. The dealer tried to add one for me at a cost of $90 per remote but was unable to get it to work. I just got back from having a Viper keyless remote installed. It came with two fobs for $150 installed and it is working great. Turned out to be the perfect solution for me.
Did you get a remote start from viper? I had one on the versa. It was nice. :)
Did you get a remote start from viper? I had one on the versa. It was nice. :)
Actually got it through Best Buy. I am very happy with it. I never thought I needed the remote but with key access only on the drivers door it made it inconvenient in many different situations.
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