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Advice needed on amplifiers + subs.

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Yeah, new to the forums! Decided to make an account after a year..Haven't needed to post here before, such a kick-ass and informative community :)

So, i've been wanting to continue customizing my sound system in my versa. Currently running an Alpine CDE-100 with stock speakers.. And i've gotta say, for stocks they aren't half bad!

When it comes to subwoofers/amps, i'm clueless. What should i be looking for? Which brand, watts, size, etc? Will i need to change stocks? Are tweeters worth it?

Price isn't really an issue. Obviously the cheaper the better, but i don't want to miss out on sound quality if the difference in price isn't too significant (one time investment sort of thing).

Thanks :)
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Welcome! Where in Canada are you located?

Post up some pics of your Versa too :)
I installed a system in my Versa last summer starting with the head unit. I wanted to capitalize on my mini-xm tuner I already owned, so I went to Crutchfield for advice.
Next, I knew that space was limited for an amp, so I looked for a five-channel amp that fit under the front passenger seat. (Alpine PDX-5).
Factory speakers never satisfy me and components have always worked well for sound staging. Get the most speaker that'll fit, in my case again Alpine. Tweeters were mounted in the "A" pillars using fabricated brackets. The back doors have Alpine two-ways.
For a Sub, I really liked the Kicker Solo-Baric L7. Again space was a concern and I wanted tight base, so I went with a sealed enclosure housing a 12 inch sub.
What you build almost needs to grow like branches on a tree. One component leading to the next in power handling and capacity.
The system I installed in my Versa was by far the most complex since it involved navigation, satellite radio, IPod interface, steering wheel controls, Bluetooth and high-amperage potential. I removed the interior plastic and headliner installing sound deadening material. I also routed all the wires under the carpet and through the door access grommets.
In addition, I installed a grounding kit and replaced the battery with a power cell from Kinetik.
I'm super happy with the results. The sound is unbelievable and it takes the edge off driving an "entry level" car.
Crutchfield isn't cheap and you don't need to buy everything from them, but they can certainly guide you to the path you might want to consider.
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@ iluvmyVersa08 - Thank you! Vancouver. And i'll definitely get some pictures up when i get some time :)
@ Gorp - Thanks a lot for the advice, definitely helps.. Will go check out crutchfield. How much did you pay for your setup if you don't mind me asking (speakers and amp?) I was thinking of going Alpine aswell.. keep it consistent throughout the car and match with my head unit.

Forgot to mention- I still want to try and reserve some trunk space.. Enough for groceries :p ?
Here's a slice of what and where I bought my speakers and amp.
Front speakers:
Alpine type R component

Solo Baric L7

Rear speakers:
Alpine two-way

Alpine Amp:

Monster Wire

RCA Cables:
Monster Cables
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I know this is an old post but I was just curious. the mono channel on that amp is only 300 watts rms and you are powering a 12 in L7? Does the amp not heat up big time, considering its a 750 watt rms sub?
I know this is an old post but I was just curious. the mono channel on that amp is only 300 watts rms and you are powering a 12 in L7? Does the amp not heat up big time, considering its a 750 watt rms sub?
The sheet provided from Alpine shows that it's closer to 400 watts rms. I've been running it for two years now with no problems. No heat to speak of.
That is good to know. I like the whole package in one amplifier.

One day, when money comes in, I want to do a similar idea. But I want the JL HD900/5.
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