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Advice on installation costs

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Have a 2008 SL with the Rockford Fosgate 7-speaker system.

Just purchased the Pioneer AVIC-X930BT unit.

I would like to keep the steering wheel BT controls, retain the usage of the built-in microphone and retain usage of all 7 speakers (sub included).

Can somebody suggest what parts I would realistically need to get all this setup this way....the so-called pros at Future Shop and Best Buy are giving me contradicting information. It looks like my installation costs are going to run over $300 - plus they are not guarateeing steering wheel controls, built-in microphone and sub usage.

I will not be adding any additional hardware at this point. Am not using Satellite radio with the OEM system anyway.

I still have time to return the unit. Any are very welcome.

Thank you.
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I sent a note to Crutchfield and here is their reply :

=====================START of REPLY===================
Thank you so much for your email and for contacting us here at Crutchfield Canada. There are a few things you should know if you are going to install a new head unit in your vehicle. Unfortunately all of the issues you mention will not work in your vehicle if you install a new radio in your Nissan, sorry for the bad news.

First you will lose your factory subwoofer; the other 6 speakers will work but not the sub. You will not be able to use your factory microphone or your Bluetooth steering wheel controls.

The changing out of your factory deck to the Pioneer will give you some benefits but you will lose others, I guess it all depends on what you're willing to accept.

There are some installers that can work wonders, but you will have to converse with them regarding these issues. You can keep your steering wheel controls working, but your BlueTooth will not work from this location.

If decide to change out your factory unit with the Pioneer AVIC-X930BT, here are all of the accessories you will need to do so, with the knowledge of the issues that will arise.

You will not need a kit for installation but you will need your factory brackets for the installation of your new receiver. Here is the harness:

Nissan/Subaru Wire Harness receiver, 2007-up

The antenna adapter:

Nissan Antenna Adapter OEM antenna to Motorola Male

The steering wheel control interface:

Metra ASWC Auto Sensing Steering Wheel Cntrl Intrfc

Apart from the Pioneer unit itself, these are the only things you will need for the installation.
=====================END of REPLY===================

I could live with the loss of the built-in microphone and steering wheel BT controls but not with the loss of the sub.

Does anybody know if there is any way I can keep using the sub ?

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The los of the sub will most likely be an easy fix, and I'm surprised crutchfield couldn't tell you anything about it.

RCA to Speaker Wire

When you install the new stereo, you just need to figure out which wires on the back go to the sub. Then, take those wires and use the adaptor above to change it from a speaker connection to an RCA connection and then you can plug it into the Rear or sub out connection on the back of the HU.

I'm not sure if the SL versas also have a turn on lead for the amp, but if they do you'll need to figure out where that is and connect it with the 12v switched wire.

Does anybody know what the wire harness on the back of the SL unit looks like? If you post a pic I could be more helpful. Also, if you can use wire crimpers, you can do the install yourself and save you some serious cash. Crutchfield offers mastersheets that tell you everything you need to know.
Thank you ! I will try and see if I can remove the cover off the sub and take a picture...
With a heavy heart I returned the device. I am aware that there are ways to connect it but they unfortunately fall outside the scope of work (and probably knowledge) of regular commercial installers.

Connecting this device needs some TLC and that is something that I am unable to find in the market place.

What a pity. I even had a splash screen ready for it...Thanks for all your input folks...



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