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The los of the sub will most likely be an easy fix, and I'm surprised crutchfield couldn't tell you anything about it.

RCA to Speaker Wire

When you install the new stereo, you just need to figure out which wires on the back go to the sub. Then, take those wires and use the adaptor above to change it from a speaker connection to an RCA connection and then you can plug it into the Rear or sub out connection on the back of the HU.

I'm not sure if the SL versas also have a turn on lead for the amp, but if they do you'll need to figure out where that is and connect it with the 12v switched wire.

Does anybody know what the wire harness on the back of the SL unit looks like? If you post a pic I could be more helpful. Also, if you can use wire crimpers, you can do the install yourself and save you some serious cash. Crutchfield offers mastersheets that tell you everything you need to know.
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