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I kind of assume since the versa has been around for so long it was like the honda civic and had a huge aftermarket support. I have to say I found more performance parts for a honda hybrid than I have for the V and that includes its counterparts in other countries.

What the hell happen? No one mods these cars any more? Is Nissan too big of a dick to those who attempt to change anything?

No one keeps these cars long enough to do anything due to cvt trouble? :grin

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Hey Cobb,
I think the issue with the Versa is that it is a first car for most people who eventually upgrade to something different in a few years time. In addition compared to more modern 4 banger turbos one would have to replace more parts to increase power and handling.

Having said that there are aftermarket performance parts for the V, you just need to broaden your searches to include Asia and Australia.
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