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Found a place that sells high quality performance injectors. It's Five-O, i've known about them for a while. They're a pretty well known name for injectors.

Nissan Fuel Injectors - Nissan 300ZX & 240SX Reconditioned Fuel Injectors

Those ones are WAY overkill for anything people are doing here, but they would work even in a stock setup. I'll be doing a rear mount turbo on my Versa soon, and needed to know if injectors on these motors are anything special or just universal as most are. If you wanted to get higher flowing injectors for a turbo application you could probably go to the wreckers and grab some off a QR25 Altima or something. I was at the wreckers last week and saw a bunch of Altima's, just took a glance, as you have to pull the intake on those too to get at them. But fuel rail and clips looked near identical, i might go soon and pull some and see how they compare to the MR motor injectors.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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