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Aftermarket part-out

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Time for a part-out. Returning my Versa to stock so I can continue to use it as a beater car. Here's everything I have for sale

Whiteline adjustable rear sway bar-Had to cut one of the u-bolts, so I will provide new hardware with it. Has some surface rust so it could use a paint job. Was installed on the car for 20k miles. $115 shipped

DC Sports CAI-Not sure of the mileage as I bought it used. In good shape. $100 shipped

Ebay Tiida A/C knobs-Basically just want to get as much as it'll cost to ship em. $10 shipped. If you buy something else I'll send these with it for free.

I also have a few stock parts kicking around. Drivers side headlight (tabs are broken to mount it), an HVAC control unit, Single din dash kit, Set of stock springs, make an offer on these. If you would give me the shipping, they're yours.

Everything is OBRO.
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Best way to contact me is via text message 207-577-5680. I have paypal.
updated with some new lower prices and removed whats been sold.
I wish that intake would work on my car. It would've been sold by now.
dibs on the throttle controller!!!
bumpity bump. Lowered prices. Wanna get this stuff sold so I can buy parts for my RX8
bumpity bump. Lowered prices. Wanna get this stuff sold so I can buy parts for my RX8
Oh you mean apex seals lol. JK I loved my GSL-SE First year of the 13b baby!
bump! Make me an offer!
bumping again with ROCK BOTTOM prices. Shipping price is included as long as you live in the lower 48/most parts of Canada. If you buy the sway bar or the Intake, I'll give you the ebay ac knobs.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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