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Aftermarket rear bumper cover protector that goes over the bumper lip?

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Hey all,

Some asshat bumped my rear and drove off leaving me with a touch of damage on the bumper cover right lip facing over the license plate. It left a dime size piece of my paint completely chipped off, and you really have to look to spot it, but I know its there and its annoying! The cover was a little raised too, but I was able to use a hair dryer to heat the bumper and pushed it back down. It looks decent, you would have to really look to spot the issue, but want to get a cover and hide that piece of missing paint rather than have a shop charge me through the nose and it most likely won't look right or even make it stick out, I know how a pain it is to paint plastic bumpers correctly.

Does anyone other than Nissan make a rear bumper cover? One that hangs down over the lip to to the plate area? If not, what type and thickness of rubber is the stock one and I will try to fabricate one?

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You could look at the bumper bully.... I don't know if they are designed to be used while driving, or if they are more just for parking.
I saw those, I am going to pass on that. I plan on selling the car and basically want to hide the paint flaw if at all possible. I am not seeing anything that goes lower than the edge of the bumper lip, I will most likely get it repaired if I cant find anything that drops down lower, thanks for the reply!!!!
Ohhh I see. Have you tried using a bit of touch-up paint on it? I had something similar, except my younger sister tapped mine when parking behind me in the driveway, so its not like I would really make her pay. I used the touch up paint and it worked pretty well.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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