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aftermarket tow hook

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copied NICO thread, but i no longer am active there.
i just did a search on courtesy parts and the part # (62680z) is the same on a few different models (350z, altima, versa). so a 350z aftermarket tow hook might work.

who wants to buy one to see if it will fit???
who knows some one with one of these cars that wants to try thier hook on your V???

also like tango said on NICO, i did this 2 or 3 weeks ago...

i currently have it side to side like the 1st pic.
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Looks alright man. I like the one off the Yaris on the NICO thread, it's more squared off and not rounded like that one. It looks like plastic from that picture.

Are you going to clean that front end off? Sorry, but I can't stand a dirty car.
1. like this???

2. im going to ask nissan about wether they are all tthe same when i pick up my control arm bolts.

3. yeah my car is extremely filthy
ill take pix of my towhook and post them up. i just painted the oem one with caliper paint
i took these in my garage.. i know they are crap, ill take some better pix on tues when im at skunks pad.

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I like the look of the red tow hook. As far as seeing what fits isn't it just a threaded hole in the car. Just find out the thread and pitch then your good to go.
i tried to get a company to make us one... but still no response...
awesome for knee-capping pedestrians :p
it actually sticks out just as far as teh license plate. i only hit it once
i need to get a hold of NST to see if they will make one for us.... we will prob. need like 20 or so members to get it put into production....
just like the pulley... :( i would way rather have the pulley than a hook
it actually sticks out just as far as teh license plate. i only hit it once
Only once? Awwww. I had a tow hook n my last car and still have the effing scars to prove it :p
skunk how about you get on garm to get on nst about more lightened pulleys he said he would get in touch with them i havent heard crap about it.
there are some that fit i just can't remember it. there was a guy at TheNismoShop in west covina that had 1 on different. i think he said it was a 350z that fit. but he doesnt work there anymore and i dont have his number :(
Sorry to hear your Versas breaking down a lot to have the tow hook on lol :facepalm:
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