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Owner of 2015 Nissan Versa note

Replaced fan blower, disconnected steering column, after the blower replacement
i have 2 lights , air bag and slip indicator light

tried resetting but no luck
someone told me because i have rotated the steering column while it was disconnected from the bottom , it messes something in the clock spring or steering wheel position sensor

If anyone has encountered this issue before please let me know whats steps do i need to take,
replacement of the clock spring only ?

thank you for looking & answers !!!

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There is a sensor behind the clockspring, that's the SAS. That needs to be unscrewed from the old clockspring and put into the new one.
After you did that you need to RELEARN the Steering Angle Sensor (it's basically a 360 degrees sensor that tells if the car it's going straight or not, if it goes out of angle that's when you have that light on)
There are some tools you can buy online that relearn that, but it might be cheaper to take to a shop and do it.
BE very careful when you move the SAS because it must fit exactly into the clockspring brackets, otherwise it will go out of angle again in a matter of seconds.

For the airbag light it depends: if you look at the light you should understand how it blinks (two rapid blinks, one long one etc) because that tells you what the issue is.
Maybe you didn't connect the connectors well enough and the airbag is now inoperative, or you might have damaged the clockspring.

If the connections are all well plugged in, then after you replaced the clockspring you can relearn the SAS and reset the airbag light.
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