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i dont know if im the only one having this issue ('12 sedan)

now, during the winter, i usually switch to the fan to level I and the temp to max heat and then set it so that it comes out of the vents at the bottom (the picture with the arrow pointing at the feet)

but even when i do that, the air starts blowing out of the circular vents on the side. wdf. i dont want it there b/c its gets all in my face. its not as strong as a blow, but if i switch the dial to the windshield image to defog my windsheild, the air gets even stronger through the circular vent.

and today, i could be wrong, but there was hot air coming out of that vent when i didnt even have the fan on. the gage was set to the hottest temp, but it wasnt on.

just wanted to know if any other '12 sedan owners were experiencing this. i get it, its a versa, low quality heating/cooling system prob, but srsly? just automatically blows air out of everywhere? am i missing something

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Unless you have your hvac set to recirculate air will still come through the vents. It should only come through whatever vent you chose.
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