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Air intake

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Anyone know of some short ram intakes. I dont wanna go with a CAI cause we get crazy rain where i live
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lol just put some splash guard and the water stop valve ill search it later :p

okie i found it :p i wish i had this when my V drank some water :p hehehe learned my lesson i know some people will tell you that you will lose 1 or 2 % but in reality you wouldnt notice it lol... this + a splash guard will definitely save you 1000+ repair cost if your engine gets flooded :p or you can have a pipe fitter to cut the pipe so it would sit higher on the engine bay... or have them but a short ram its just a pipe with map sensor insert :p
the AEM and Fujita Cold Air intakes can be converted to short ram, all you have to is, not install the second pipe that goes down... your air filter will be by the battery and will look similar to the intake for the cube....
but youre better off having the stock intake than not taking the full advantage of the CAI :p hehehe... unlike the traditional stock intake that draws air from the wheel well the versa one draws from the hood :p which i think is cool hehehe... but of course bigger pipe is better :p but then again its all hot air... if you can fabricate an ice box it would be nice :p
I was looking at my intake last weekend and don't understand all the empty cutbacks or the large hollow box in front of the battery. The factory intake has so many leaks the stock 'V' is drawing a lot of hot air anyway.

I do think the 15mm tube is like breathing through a straw, but I'm trying to grasp the factory intake before moding mine.

Any thoughts¿
the factory piece is put together the way it is to reduce noise levels... so once you change it out you get a loud sucking noise from the intake and you give it better flow by eliminating all the useless bending and dips...
the many empty spaces in the intake are resonator tubes designed to quite down the noise of sucking air into the engine the more you remove before the air flow meter the more sound of air you hear entering the engine, the cold air intake is designed to smooth out the air flow and allow more unrestricted air into the engine to produce more power. same with the exhaust.

this can answer it better that i can explain..
Superskunk and Mcleod, Thank you both for the very rappid replies.

I understand how an intake works but was confused by the seamingly cheep way Nissan put this one together. I didn't want to remove something that would cause my engine lite to come on later.

Considering the location of the throttle body, I was concidering getting the stalled air from the cabin fire wall. Have you guyz seen or heard of this being done?

BTW: two of my modded vehicles are on cardomain under 'jokir'.
yes you can but also realize that that is a heat build up area from the exhaust manifold being on that side of the engine

nice cars on cardomain.
Thanks for the car comment.

With my head rectally removed you're right. Most of my previous endives had the exhaust on the front unlike this Nissan. I see why the builders put the inlet at the hood/grill area.

I wander if this was an attempt at some ram effect to assist with air inlet?

I'm using a K&N now and will design something that will go from the filter box and fan-out under the lip of the hood similar to the stock, but with larger capacity.

I would love to see the Versa wind tunnel tests.
Anyone know of some short ram intakes. I dont wanna go with a CAI cause we get crazy rain where i live
Apologize for a post that is late in time however the answer to your question will definitely depend on what your specific goals are for this air intake. On my own point of view, once the customer wishes to achieve best performance out of their air intake then getting an excellent brand of filters would help....hope this will help people who would have the same thing in the future..anyway there are a lot of online stores that offer air intake parts and accessories.
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