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I got the Sedan and it erks me the front sits higher than the rear or the rear sags. I was thinking about using those red air bladders thats recommended for load leveling and such by .

So far I havent found a kit for either versa of any year. They do offer by size, but its too wet here to get the car on the ramps and measure them.

Any history of them being used on the V? I normally lower my cars and go with tanabe springs, but this car to me has such a nice ride I hate to screw that up too much.

Plan B? THose H shape urethane coil spacers.

Plan C? Cut a quarter off the front springs so the front sits slightly lower or car looks level.

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Plan B would probably be the cheapest and easiest. Those things are cheap to buy and most have a place to put a socket end in....then just rotate.
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