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Airbag light won't turn off!!!!!!

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Hi I have an 08 Versa and I've followed the directions on how to erase the code for the airbag light which still will not turn off. I've turned it on and off the 3 times and now it flashing the slower flash but once I turn it off and wait the 5 sec again it doesn't turn off. Any suggestion would be great. Thanks

P.S. I also wanted to add that I have replace the module and the clockspring as well as having the two seatbelt modules rebuilt. I really don't want to have to bring this back into the dealership I hope someone has an idea.
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Welcome! If dealership not giving good results, try elsewhere. This defect souds kind of rare to me, but my sister-in-law's airbag light is on in her Vibe too lol. Try the NFV Search, hope it helps! 08v
hmm thats strange

try it a few more times and see what happens

cause i know it took me a few times before i was able to remove it
took me a few tries too.
Thanks everyone, I'll do it a bunch more times then. Hopefully it works.
Yeah, I'd try that how-to. I tried it once and it worked but I've heard of people that haven't been able to fix it.
I am unable to fix this problem 2008 St-L 1.8 61000km with rear parking sensors Tiida (I am from Australia).
what is the process for removing the code? I am having the same problem in my 07
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