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At each of our family-oriented events, we welcome everyone from the community to come together for a day of hanging out, meeting new friends and celebrating our similarities and differences. We are the largest automotive event around! Come check us out!

The All Team Bash originated in Houston, and has since traveled to multiple cities, and 5 different states! We are the largest event in Houston and cannot wait to visit new states and meet new teams! Our focus is on CLUBS/TEAMS we want to promote team growth internally, and also friendship between teams. Our events are a lot like tail gating, everybody can BBQ. We also do team games such as Dodge Ball, Tug of war and car limbo.

The All Team Bash started 8 years ago in Houston, Tx bringing Car clubs together in a tailgating style atmosphere!

Bring your bbq pits, and Ice chests! (no glass please) And bring out your pets and kids!

Join us for Team Dodge Ball!

Come Represent your team At the largest Car Club gathering in the United States!

Bbq with your friends and family!

As always kids get in free! Only $15.00 a person, no extra charge to bring your car or bike in, as many cars or bikes as you can bring!!

All car clubs, truck clubs, bike clubs, Imports/domestics are invited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 19 at 9 AM - 3 PM
Mid-South Coliseum
996 Early Maxwell Blvd, Memphis, Tennessee 38104
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