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I got my parts from Crutchfield today. Wanted to install my Alpine X300 from my civic. Now on to the pics!

I'm surprised it was a big ass box!

What a waste of paper!

For such small items lol.

Got the receiver bracket, wiring harness, and antenna adapter.

Time for some soldering and shrink tube.

All finished.

Bolting the HU to the bracket.

Tightly secured. Its nice that it fits in behind the bracket, totally impossible to steal it, unless ya have time to take it apart lol.

With the faceplate on. Nice and flush.

Now to tear out the stock HU.

Everything prepared.

Gingerly pried up the top piece by hand and removed.

Unscrewed the 2 bolts on the top of the center piece.

Unplugged the hazard switch and not the passenger airbag light for obvious reasons lol.

Already removed the stock HU and set in the Alpine HU. Plugged in the wiring harness and antenna adapter. I rushed myself of excitement and forgot to take pics lol.

Re-attached the hazard switch, the center piece and top piece.

I also forgot to take a shot of drilling the bracket to fit the USB plug for thumb drives. I used a 3/4" drill bit. The HU is also iPod compatible but the cable broke from my car accident and its $50 for a new cable. I like the USB better since it runs faster than the iPod.

That's all folks! :D

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