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Amp Powercable through Firewall

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Hi Guys,
I am busy installing a Amp and Sub in my Versa 2011 Hatch.

I am still using the stock radio(have high-low converter already, and done the wireing from the back door speakers.)

I cant seem to find a place to pull the Power cable from the battery through the firewalll (Please note that this is a Right hand drive Versa).

How did you guys that have amps installed provide power to your amps? or where is a hole that I can pull it through from?
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Update : Found a solution to my problem..
Pulled it through a rubber insert by the front door and let the cable run inside the top part of the fender.
Looks neat :)
Now to figure out how to do the remote wire, to switch the amp on and off with the radio..
Any pictures of the wiring being run through? I would be interested to see. I plan on doing an amp as well.
While I was busy with the install, I took pictures of basically everything.
I love this hatch's boot. I have also hidden the amp away underneath the boot floorboard where the spare biscuit wheel is.. hehe

I will try and see how quickly I can create the how to.. from what I have read, mine's wire colors where completely different so I had to test + play the guessing game abit.. haha
If you want extra info about a pass through the firewall, there is one behind the airbox in the engine bay. This is what I used to get my cables through to my amps. Link below has pictures that I referred to for help.

Amp wiring help. : Versa General Chat
tubtub, I have started a Project thread for mine.
you can have a look at how I have done it here :
I used the same access route as Red Alert posted.

I did see your other post, did you pop a rubber grommet in the hole afterwards? Without one eventual wear and tear could cause a short.
In my 2012, there is a spot underneath the driver's side dash that looks like it was made for running wire. There was a precut hole in the padding, and nothing on the otherside of the firewall. I drilled it out and plopped in a grommet.

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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