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Hey guys,

So i installed a Amp + Subs in my sisters versa for her. Quite simple ill tell you how i did it. Went and bought a 8 gauge amp kit that comes with POWER CABLE (red), REMOTE ON WIRE (blue), RCA jacks (plug ins) and a spool of speaker wire. First i disconnected the negative connector on my battery so i wouldnt die. Second i figured out exactly where im going to run my power cable to the rear of the car. The firewall is hard to get at so i put it through the door (ive attached pictures). Once ive ran the power cable, I pulled out the stereo i installed for her a while back. The top panel above the stereo and front dash i pulled out (pointing to them). All you need is a flat head screw driver be careful and they should come out quite easily. Next i connected the RCA's to the back of the deck and found the REMOTE ON wire (in my case it was BLUE/WHITE). Once you connect the RCAs and REMOTE ON wire i ran them by the pedals and zip tied them up high so they wouldnt get in the way. Ran the 3 wires (REMOTE ON, RCAs + POWER CABLE) along the floor of the interior under the removable plastic covers (pointing to them). Ran them all the way to the back where the amp and subs are located (electrical taped every foot to keep wires together) Connected the ground wire to a bolt in the trunk (pointing to it). Screwed the AMP to the subs, connected the POWER CABLE + REMOTE ON WIRE + RCAs to the AMP. Then i connected the POWER CABLE to the battery, (MAKE SURE TO DISCONNECT THE POWER CABLE FROM THE AMP BEFORE CONNECTING THE POWER TO THE BATTERY OR THE FUSE COULD BLOW). Made sure everything was good to go before i connected the negative back up to test it out. Sure enough it thumps first go! I probably could have hid the wires a little better but i plan on removing it for her once snow falls. I have yet to add a plastic cover to the power cable by the door so the cable does rub when i open and close the door. Took me 1-2 hours to do this plus i saved my sister 200 bucks labour at the electronics place. Hope this helps, if anyone has anything to add to my installation feel free to comment!



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